“Our TryNow orders convert better and they drive higher net revenue, so it’s become a core piece of our business and marketing strategy.”

Chad Meyerson, Chief Digital Officer at ROOLEE
Try a variety of clothing items before you buy them

Partnership at a glance

Increase sales

$3.6m incremental revenue

Our program is on track to deliver more than $3m in incremental sales annually.

Grow your business

55% net AOV Increase

Shoppers are trying more products, increasing net average order value by 55%.

Increase revenues

$31 more revenue per order

Each TryNow order creates $31 more in revenue for ROOLEE, after discounts and returns.

From one store to an omni-channel phenomenon

ROOLEE is a women’s fashion brand that started as a small brick and mortar boutique in Logan, Utah. In just a few years, they’ve grown into an omni-channel brand. Their incredibly loyal customer base, fantastic imagery, and an extraordinary social following drove their rapid growth.


With ROOLEE, we set key program goals: increase revenue in a scalable way, refine a strategy for discounts, and enhance the brand through a try at home experience.


Recreating the magic of boutique shopping in an online store

As a brand with boutique roots, the ROOLEE team wanted their online shoppers to experience the joy of their stores, where you can comfortably try items and only pay for what you love. TryNow makes that unique experience possible. Now, more than 20% of ROOLEE orders are tried at home.

“We were skeptical that TryNow could deliver such a high increase in cart size, but we've been impressed that customers are in fact ordering and keeping more.”

Chad Meyerson, Chief Digital Officer at ROOLEE

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