“We viewed the TryNow program as a way to get a leg up on the competition and start to break down the barrier for prospective customers.”

Jesse Miller, Vice President of Growth, Goodlife
Try a variety of clothing items before you buy them

Partnership at a glance

Increase sales

+15% Increase in Email CVR

TryNow abandoned cart emails drove a 22% increase in CTR and a 15% increase in conversion

Grow your business

47% Lift in ROAS

ROAS for TryNow ads was 47% higher than standard ads

Increase revenues

45% Discount Rate Reduction

Discount usage on TryNow orders is 45% lower than usage on standard online orders

The Problem

This menswear brand creates performance clothing for travel, work, and play. They develop the highest-quality materials from the best suppliers to create versatile garments that perform better than the competition -- but that quality is very difficult to convey through a browser window or a mobile device.

They have fantastic imagery, free shipping and returns, and an optimized site. But they felt there was potential to unlock more growth by letting more shoppers see and feel the quality of their product first-hand.

The Customer

A technical menswear brand with a high quality product, selling 100% DTC with a majority of their sales in the US.


High quality classics, reimagined for modern living

Goodlife is a premium menswear brand focused on high-quality, stylish essentials. Their understated essentials are thoughtfully created with versatility and comfort at the core. The quality of their products is difficult to convey through a computer screen even with hundreds of 5-star reviews. With iOS updates and other factors driving down prospecting performance, Goodlife was looking for new and innovative ways to get their products into more shoppers' hands.


“We're seeing a $10 decrease in CAC. When you extrapolate that across thousands of new customers, that’s more than going to offset an uptick in return rate.”

Jesse Miller, Vice President of Growth, Goodlife

If you have a great product, let people try it

The Goodlife team came to TryNow with two goals: acquire new customers at an efficient CAC and reduce checkout uncertainty without relying on discounts.  With these two goals in mind, Goodlife focused their Try Before You Buy program messaging on the quality of their products.

With a high-price point t-shirt, shoppers need to be confident in the value of the purchase, so Goodlife turned TBYB into a quality "guarantee." This strategy was fueled with extensive marketing in mid-to-bottom of funnel prospecting,  while the top of the funnel remained focused on the Goodlife difference. This approach enabled Goodlife to convert high-intent shoppers who needed an extra assurance before committing to purchase.


The Results

34% of shoppers were opting into the TryNow program -- and more than 75% of these TryNow checkouts are converting first-time customers for the brand -- indicating high adoption and interest from high quality shoppers who wanted to try their product, but were hesitant before.

With a 112% increase in conversion rates for TryNow related campaigns, the brand is generating more sales and more profit. Their Try Now Buy Later program is on track to drive more than a 20% increase in annual revenue for the brand, allowing them to invest more into the business and their subsequent marketing strategies.

Stylish woman smiling

Adopting a launch and learn mentality to drive results

Because Goodlife is an early innovator in the Try Before You Buy space, they knew they had to experiment to learn how the offer would resonate with shoppers throughout the funnel. The Goodlife team A/B tested TryNow messaging across paid media and email to gather quick learnings so they could confidently allocate budget to the campaigns that drove growth.

The results? A 47% improvement in ROAS on paid media, and 15% increase in conversion on TryNow emails. Additionally, Goodlife was able to reduce their reliance on discounts by an average of 45% on TryNow orders.

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“Once we can get that product into a customer’s hands, they’re going to keep it. We viewed the TryNow program as a priority to enable more customers to get their hands on the product.”

Jesse Miller, Vice President of Growth, Goodlife

An innovative approach to driving profitable growth

Initially, the Goodlife team expressed concern about the impact an increase in returns would have on their business. Regardless, in the end, they decided to bet on their brand and their product, and to flip the broken ecommerce model of buying before trying. Knowing that returns - and associated costs - would go up, the Goodlife team saw profitability as a simple math equation: the AOV and CAC benefits of the program would need to offset the cost of increased returns.

Goodlife's bet has paid off. TryNow orders average $30 more in AOV after returns and a $10 decrease in CAC on TryNow campaigns. Goodlife has also seen a lift in retention and LTV, as repeat shoppers are using the program to try higher price point items and expand their Goodlife wardrobe beyond their staple t-shirts. Sounds like the good life to us!

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